Here We Go Again!

Well here I go again; I'm going make a go at posting and creating content for my own web site.  My first go attempt wasn't a great success and even though the forum is a success, the overall web site was bad.  I never kept up with the content and never really customized it beyond the basic template provided by Joomla.

This time will be different.  First and foremost, I've invested in a custom Joomla template that's based one I saw on Template Monster. It's a military themed template that originally was a simple HTML or Flash only site.  Gone are the days that I would do this work myself.  I believe part of the problem was my intent to control everything myself; hence do everything myself.  With my other hobbies and house I just don't have that kind of time or technical skill anymore.  Though it is costing me money, in the end the web site will be much more graphically pleasing and will encourage me to use it as much as I can.

Second I've outlined the content I plan on posting and providing.  It's still wide ranging in scope, and encompasses my general thoughts and all aspects of my 40K hobby.  Concentrating on these topics which are most important to me should help ground my content support for the site as well as make me keep up with my 40k hobby.  As with everything else in the last 10 years I never kept up with my hobby.

I don't have any real great plans or destiny for my site.  Plenty of other sites already have huge content archives, writers and editors with great 40k tutorials and articles.  I would never want to supplant those; instead I'm going to ground my content here and then syndicate it to other web sites.  While keeping me moving in my 40k hobbies and centering my content and progress in one, this site will finally allow me to control what I want to publish and when.

I've lost so much time; I can't believe 10 years has come and gone so fast.  The real shame is that I can't even remember what I did between 20 and 30; time seems to have jumped ahead on me.  Since getting the house my life has finally been anchored in reality.  I'm determined not to make the mistakes of the past.