Choppers, Lies and Movie Reels

I'm still trying to piece together what happened and why I feel bad. It's the kind of guilt you feel when you realize you've been ignorant. However in a way, I feel that the guilt of ignorance I feel is the not the result of a my own personal views. I've believe I've been deceived.

I've just come from watching Dragon Wars. One the outside, the trailer seemed fairly simple; dragons flying around fighting humans and terrorizing the local metropolitan population. Mayhem and chaos with helicopters, explosions and some guy trying to stop it all; simple and to the point.

The movie finishes and I'm lost completely. I feel as though I've followed the directions precisely but ended up in a completely different place. I'm now lost and not understanding how I got there. To celebrate the occasion, I crack a really bad joke. Now I sit here wondering what to think of myself and this movie.

Maybe it's just the way the movie was blueprinted and presented in the trailer and then in the movie. I truly was expecting a funny adventurous movie, not a serious story based on their legends and their perception of good and evil at all. I don't consider myself an ignorant person. I try to be open to all ideas and perceptions of people. I laughed because I truly did not understand the movie at its core; it jumped around a lot and some of the plot elements just didn't make any sense.

I mean the Secretary of Defense is briefed on this dragon running around destroying whole neighborhoods; the FBI has a microscopic connection to this young woman and the dragon and he's turns right around to his lead FBI guy and says "We're gonna have to do something about this. You know what I mean?" What the heck kinda decision making paradigm is that?

Maybe I'm taking this all too personally or too much at face value. I just really don't know what to think about myself or this movie. I'm in land of confusion.... I know not to take things on face value but what the heck is this?! The more I think on it, the more I don't know what to do about it. It feels as though I did something bad by laughing at the whole movie.

I know my faith in trailers is now shaky. I know.. I know... they're just trying to sell you the ticket to get your money. At least I would expect them to try and tell give you a basic run down of the movie. Based on the trailer I've seen, 95% of the whole thing is cut out completely. That coupled with my preconcieved perceptions and cutting of the movie just plain kicked me in the nuts. In the end, we'll chalk this up to a lesson learned.