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  • All article submissions must be in English. Foreign Words and phrases that are specific to the area of your content are permitted.
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  • For post relating to game systems that utilize a post cost type system, when publishing any articles related or containing army units, only post the total points for a unit or complete army. Do not post points in a manner such that anyone could easily figure out the individual points cost of any item. This constitutes a violation of the IP rights of the game system in question. Any articles containing content posted in this manner will immediately be removed.
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  • Please be sure to proofread you post and use good judgment when posting content anywhere on this web site.
  • Please do not plagiarism any works of other individuals in any other medium. Please be sure to quote the source of any directly copied material in the context of the content you are discussing. The administrators of this web site consider plagiarism highly unethical and illegal.