A Study of Pressure and Time...

Jack is back and boy is he sore. I went back to the gym today in the start of an effort to improve my very poor physical condition. I didn't work out that much and only stuck to riding the bike and the stair stepping machine. In all I think I did good for my first day but then again it was only my first day.

Construction on the Augustus Baneblade continues. I have to sit down and design some more before I can proceed. Time is running out if I want to make the Golden Daemon competition this year. Technically I only have 143 days remaining until the competition is complete. I have to get my ass in gear. This exercise program that I've start is not helping matters however I have to consider my future health over that of this project.

My biggest fear in missing the Golden Daemon competition this year is that Gamesworkshop will release the plastic Baneblade set in the fall and by the time that GamesDay rolls around again, it'll be a see of Baneblades at the competition. This may be a hollow fear as the plastic Baneblade model is still only a rumor and not confirmed by any real source. Speculation does continue to grow however as time goes on and this does not help my concerns at all.

Plenty of time does exist to complete this project however I want to make sure the quality is high and the subject matter true. I don't want to jeopardize my chances at the competition or my fluff for the Cadian 1st by rushing through the construction of the tank. In the end, even if I've completed construction of the tank in time, my painting skills are only in their infancy. It'll take months to bring them up to speed in order to even THINK about a competition attempt. It is quite a challenge to overcome since I'll be competing against people who work on these customized sculpts and projects for a living.

All of this does not discourage me however. If I have to wait in order to perfect the design and how it is incorprated into the fluff for the Cadian 1st, so be it. I just can't compromise on what I want to do for the regiment or the tank. This does not mean that I'm planning to concede defeat already for this year. It is a tough road to travel and the journey is getting shorter everyday. In the end, the end result of the tank and the fluff and my health is more important than the competition. Worse comes to worse, I can always wait two years or take the tank to a different Gamesday to compete.