Privacy Statement

The following rules and regulations provided below display DogmaRaiderville's information usage and dissemination:

DogmaRaiderville understands the importance of maintaining the highest security of the information provided by its users. DogmaRaiderville does not collect any information other than that provided by its users during the registration process and through the normal activity of using the online facilities of the and its subsidiary web sites. The web site software used by DogmaRaiderville do at times require the use of cookies in the operation of the web services. The cookies used by DogmaRaiderville do not collect any additional personal information.

Server logs are maintained by DogmaRaidervile for the purposes of recording and troubleshooting problems that occur during the course of web site usage.

Any information submitted by users to DogmaRaiderville can and may be modified by the user. This includes but is not limited to user profile information, user forum posts, user submitted articles and user image albums.

DogmaRaiderville understands the importance of protecting the information provided by our users. The data that comprises DogmaRaiderville, including user profiles and submitted content, is only available to the administrators of DogmaRaiderville and server administrators.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policies of DogmaRaiderville, please contact the web site administrator via the provided contact form.