About DogmaRaiderville

DogmaRaiderville is the creation and playground of me, David "DogmaRaider" Parks. I'm a long time computer hobbist and game fiend. I have a master's degree and work at a major University. In my off time, I play watch movies, suf the net (wow that's a shocker so far) and play Warhammer 40k with my friends. Currently I'm working on an Imperial Guard army called the Cadian 1st Gatekeepers.

As for the real DogmaRaiderville, it exists only as a electronic map in a game but is much more to me. In my college days, I played a game called Delta Force. Over the endless Fridays that spent playing that game with my friends, I acquired a knack for survival and lethality. I often went through entire 30 minute playing sessions with little or no deaths against me while racking up large numbers of kills.


So let me give you the grand tour of DogmaRaiderville. Basically its a steep sloped mountain top with a few buildings. As you move down the mountain, the steep slope meets the bottom of the valley where several rows of interconnecting trenches. In front of the trenches is a very large very deep crevace. There are two bridges over the crevace to the left and one hidden from view in the picture on the extremel right.

The tactical advantages of this position are numerous. Although its not obvious from the picture, DogmaRaiderville is centrally located in the area between the Red and Blue bases on this particular capture-the-flag map. This means anyone running in between the two bases must pass in front of this area or run down the deep crevace I spoke of earlier. You also have an excellent view of both the Red and Blue bases where players are spawned and appear. The trenches and buildings offer excellent hiding spaces over a very large area in which you can snipe the enemy and cover your forces returning the flag to their base. Also the main crevace in front of DogmaRaiderville provides an excellent buffer zone between the enemy and you.

Well there you have it. Now me and my friends did not play this map all the time. We went through a standard rotation of the capture-the-flag maps however this one was always my favorite. We played every friday for years on end in our computer lab where I gained more and more experience with the game. Eventually we moved away from Delta Force and started played its 3rd generation sequel, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. That game broke everything loose.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down because our universe. Unfortunately there was no DogmaRaiderville anywhere in the multiplayer map rotation but we played on anyway. Over and over we played getting better and better and better. Then one of us grew a brain and decided to take the party online.

I took my experience along with my friends online to the Pigs of War server where I accumulated quite a good player record. You can view it here. When I retired I had toped out at 25th on the overall leader board among thousands of players. The CAR-15, claymores and the Barrett .50 caliber were my best friends back them. Every time I'd get a claymore kill I'd say the familar message of "yahtzee" would scroll across the chat line. Those were good days. But such is life these good time had to end.

Novalogic eventually re-released Delta Force as Delta Force: Extreme. Unfrotunately it was plagued with buggy gameplay and other technical problems. Also by that time, I realized that my days were over. My reaction time wasn't as great and my accuracy was suffering. We played DogmaRaiderville again but it just didn't feel the same. Ah how I miss the old days.

Since then I moved on to Battlefield 2142. You can find me under my handle DogmaRaider battling it out on the wastes of the Tampa Highway on Friday and sometimes Saturday nights. Below is a link to my handle and stats:


Since I've stopped gaming I've moved on, bought a house and sworn off computer games.  I don't even play console games anymore.  In all I had a great time and good run but bigger and better things await.

All images are taken from Delta Force: Extreme and are taken using the in-game feature.