Let it Snow

Since it's starting to warm up again, I think its time once again to talk about my love of snow. Snow is awesome. Now I'm not talking about the normal 1" to 3" of snow. I'm talking about the 11 foot monster storms that paralyze everything in their path. We need more of those.

Now you may be thinkg "why the hell do we need that kind of snow." We'll I tell you why; because everyone needs that kind of monkey wrench in our lives. Everyday we live is a carefully planned list of events that rarely, if ever, changes. Its a constant stream of the same day after day after day.

Snow gives us an excuse to change the schedule without having any of the consequences. Late to work, it was the snow. Couldn't do your chores; it was the snow. It provides the perfect excuse to change everything that you do. The amount that changes in your daily schedule is directly proportional to how much changes. A few inches equates to perhaps a delay in getting to work, some businesses closed, etc. A monster stor throws everything off. We need more monkey wrenches like that.

We live a programmed lifestyle and in ever once in a while, you have to crash the program. I say let it snow and let the chips fall where they may.