I Shake My Head in Disgust

People talk about the fall of Rome and how it mirrors the decline of today's society. I, being no friend of the current incarnation of society, can truly say that I wash my hands of them. Day after day I observe the stupidity of living among others and am powerless to stop it. Understanding what we choose for ourselves is our most precious right we have as individuals. The greatest care should be observed when exercising this power for those who can't use it for themselves.

Just like the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart issue with defining pornography, I don't know how to define something that is wrong but I know it when I see it. Even though I'm not a parent, I can not help but wonder why you would take your 5 year old child to a rated R movie; Alien vs. Predator: Requiem no less. I try not to make value judgements of anything or anyone but this was over the top.

The kids (yes there was more than one in more than one family) stayed through the whole movie. The most terrifying aspect of the whole experience was that when I saw them leaving, the children I saw looked perfectly normal. I mean, he didn't even look like it phased him whatsoever. I couldn't imagine what you have to expose a child to reach the point where the gore, violence and ghastly images shown in that movie wouldn't phase someone. Nothing like was shown in the movie should reach the point at which it becomes normal for anyone; especially a child.

As a parent I would think that the protection of your children, for as long as possible, from such imagery would be one of your top priorities. In a society where we constantly hear about murders, rapes and other unspeakable depraved acts committed by people, how can we constantly be shocked and dismayed by these events given what we expose ourselves to.

What you do with yourself when you reached the level of maturity is not my concern. Why would someone expose their young children to that? Of course at the end of all this it always comes down to a value judgment. There is no clearly defined answer to this problem; if people want to promote that in their children; they're going to do it. Just don't expect me to respect you after I find out.